How to Play Aviator the right way!

Aviator is an exiting online game that combines luck, timing and strategy. Players bet on a multiplier that increases as a plane takes off and must cash out before it disappears. It's simple yet captivating, making it a favorite among online gamers and makes you want to come back for more.

Where to Play

Start by selecting an online casino or gaming site that offers Aviator. Ensure it's reputable and has positive reviews for the best experience. Luckily, we at Aviator24 have made it easy for you by providing a list of the Top Nigerian Casinos in 2024. Be sure to check it out. If you are new to Aviator, I recommend practicing on our Demo Aviator Simulator from Spribe to get a feel for the game and learn the ropes and strategies before playing for real at a casino. You'll have access to unlimited play money starting with 3000USD, so take advantage of this powerful tool we've provided. You won't regret it :)

Understanding the Interface

Familiarize yourself with the game's interface. You'll typically see a graph or a visual representation of the plane taking off, areas to place your bets, and buttons to cash out. This is pretty much straight forward.

How to Bet

Before each round, enter the amount you wish to bet. You can often place two bets simultaneously for added excitement. For example, you might bet $5 on one and $10 on another in the same round.

You can do this by entering an amount manually (shown in red) or click on the given amounts (shown in yellow) to speed up your bets. Even though the demo verison is not in Naira, it will teach you how to be disciplined when betting for real in Naira.

Watching the Multiplier

Once the round starts, the multiplier increases from 1x upwards. Your potential win grows with the multiplier, but so does the risk of the plane flying away (the game ending).

After this new bets need to be placed. You can place the same bets or try a different strategy.

Building a Strategy: Some players prefer to cash out at lower multipliers to win small but more consistently. Others wait for higher multipliers for bigger wins. Experiment to find what works for you. To learn more techniques and on betting, see out article on strategies and tips to win more in Aviator.

Strategic Withdrawal: The key to winning is cashing out before the game crashes. Watching a few rounds first can help you get a feel for when to cash out.

Risk Management: Start with smaller bets to understand the game's dynamics without risking too much. Observing the average multiplier when games crash can help you set realistic targets.

Learning from Losses

Not every bet will win. Analyze and review your losses to understand if you're cashing out too early or too late and adjust your strategy accordingly. Remember, Aviator is a game meant for entertainment. Set limits for yourself, enjoy the thrill of the gamble, and know when to take a break.

Example round

Imagine you've placed two bets: ₦2,000 and ₦4,000. The game begins, and you closely watch the multiplier. For the ₦2,000 bet, you decide to cash out at 2x, securing a ₦4,000 win. For the ₦4,000 bet, you aim for a higher multiplier, 3x, and manage to cash out, earning you ₦12,000. However, if the game crashes before you cash out, you lose your bet. This example demonstrates the balance between risk and reward that Aviator offers.

What mistakes should you avoid when playing Aviator?

Aviator isn't your average online game; it's a mixture of strategy, timing, and a bit of luck. But even in this roller coaster ride, some common mistakes can ground you faster than you can you think. Having played Aviator for a few years, I've learned from my own errors. Let me share these insights to help improve and enhance your gaming experience.

Not Getting How It Works:

  • Understanding the Basics: Aviator is all about a plane that gains altitude – the higher it goes, the more your bet multiplies. But here's the twist: the plane can crash at any unpredictable moment. If you don’t cash out before that, your bet disappears!

  • Learning from Others: Watch how seasoned players play. Notice when they cash out and how they manage their bets. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, which was my initial mistake. However, learning from others can provide a solid starting point. What worked for me was observing one of the top bettors who frequently cashed out within the hour. Whenever he placed a bet, I did the same. Whenever he cashed out, I cashed out. This approach, which I initially overlooked, turned my losses into profits after a few months.

Chasing Losses:

  • The Downward Spiral: I remember thinking I could outsmart the game by chasing my losses. It felt like I was just one game away from recovering everything. But, trust me, it rarely works out. It’s like being stuck in a hole and instead of climbing out, you keep digging, hoping to find a way out at the bottom.

  • Setting Limits: What I learned was the importance of setting a loss limit for each day. I stick to this limit as if it’s a rule set in stone. It's not always about the wins; it's more about not losing it all in a desperate chase.

Ignoring Your Budget:

  • Budget is King: I've learned the hard way that your budget is your lifeline in this game. Treating your gaming budget like any other entertainment budget – fixed and non-negotiable – is crucial. I once blew through my entire budget. Trust me, the regret hits hard later.

  • Track Your Spending: I started keeping a log of my bets and wins/losses. Seeing the numbers in black and white can be a real eye-opener. Always remember, the goal is to have fun without causing a dent in your wallet.

Playing on Dodgy Internet:

  • Stable Connection is Crucial: I learned this the hard way. In Aviator, timing is key, and playing on a shaky internet connection is like trying to win a race with a flat tire. I've lost count of how many times a poor connection cost me a potential win. I remember once I repeatedly clicked cash-out at 200x +, and it did not cash out, only to find out that my Wi-Fi connection was poor. This was so frustrating, and I ended up losing everything.

  • Test Before You Play: Now, I always do a quick internet speed test before I start playing. It's a simple step, but it makes a huge difference. Fixing any connection issues beforehand can save you from the frustration of losing a bet you were about to cash out on. You'll thank me later.

Ignoring the Multiples:

  • Numbers Tell a Story: I used to overlook the multipliers, thinking they were just random numbers. But they're actually gold mines of information. They reveal trends, like the average altitude where savvy players cash out. This was a game-changer for me.

  • Developing a Strategy: Based on this insight, I started crafting my own strategy. Sometimes I'd set a target multiplier to cash out automatically, other times I'd adjust based on the flow of the game. This approach turned my random guesses into informed decisions.

Letting Emotions Rule:

  • Emotional Betting is Risky: I've been there – riding high on a win or feeling low after a loss and making bets based on how I felt. It's a bit like shopping on an empty stomach; you end up with a bunch of stuff you didn't need. Emotional betting can lead you down a slippery slope, which I found difficult to get out of... until after a few months prior to writing this article.

  • Stay Calm and Think Ahead: Now, I take a step back when emotions run high. Taking a moment to breathe and think logically about my next move has been a game-changer. It's all about keeping a cool head and thinking strategically, not reactively.

Not Utilizing Betting Strategies:

  • Experimenting with Strategies: Initially, I played Aviator with a random approach, but soon realized the importance of having a strategy. I experimented with various tactics, like spreading my bets across different rounds and trying the strategy I used in blackjack, where I’d double my bet after a loss. This process of trial and error helped me understand which strategies suited my playstyle and risk tolerance.

  • Adapting to the Game Flow: One crucial lesson I learned was to remain flexible. If I noticed a strategy wasn't working well in certain game conditions, I'd switch tactics. This adaptability has been key in responding to the game's dynamics effectively.

Forgetting to Cash Out:

  • Timing is Everything: One of my biggest mistakes was waiting too long to cash out, hoping for higher multipliers. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement, but the risk increases with each second, making your heart race and filling you with anxiety and that feeling of potentially having a heart attack because of this.

  • Set Target Points: I started setting clear goals for when to cash out, based on either specific multipliers or a gut feeling about the game’s trend. Sticking to these pre-determined points helped me avoid the trap of greed and maintain a disciplined approach to cashing out.

Ignoring Smaller Wins:

  • Every Win Counts: In the past, I focused solely on hitting big multipliers, often overlooking the value of smaller wins. Yes, I cashed out on some big ones because I am a risk-taker, but lost a lot more in ratio. But these small, consistent wins are crucial for sustaining your bankroll and can add up over time.

  • Balance Between Risk and Reward: I still take those risks, but I learned to strike a balance between chasing the excitement of high multipliers and playing it safe with smaller, more attainable wins. This approach has helped me maintain a healthy bankroll and enjoy the game without significant losses.

Playing Under the Influence:

  • Stay Sharp: Early on, I realized playing Aviator while under the influence, such as after a few drinks, significantly clouded my judgment. Making smart decisions in the game requires a clear mind and sharp focus. That's why I say, "I don't drink and drive, first drive then drink, but responsibly."

  • Know Your Limits: Understanding when you're not in the right mental state to play is crucial. Now, if I feel I'm not at my best, I choose not to play. It's better to wait than to regret decisions made under the influence.

Failing to Observe the Plane's Flight Pattern:

  • Pattern Recognition: Initially, I thought the plane's flight pattern was completely random, but over time, I started noticing subtle trends and patterns. By observing these patterns over several rounds, I could make more informed bets.

  • Adapting to Patterns: Learning to adapt my betting strategy based on the observed flight patterns has helped me make more strategic decisions, improving my overall success rate in the game.

Neglecting Game Updates and Changes:

  • Stay Informed: I learned the hard way that not keeping up with game updates and changes over the years can affect your gameplay. I may be wrong, but developers often tweak game mechanics, which can impact strategies.

Overconfidence After Winning Streaks:

  • Keep Humble: It's easy to feel invincible during a winning streak. However, I learned that overconfidence often led to riskier bets and me losing high amounts of money.

  • Remember the Odds: Each round in Aviator is independent of the last. Reminding myself of this has helped me maintain a level head and make more calculated decisions, although one has to consider the previous outcomes.

Playing Continuously Without Breaks:

  • Avoid Burnout: Playing Aviator for extended periods without breaks often led to fatigue and a decrease in focus. Taking regular breaks has been essential in maintaining my concentration and decision-making abilities. Take a walk and come back fresh with a new strategy and make better decisions.

  • Reflect and Refresh: Breaks also provide an opportunity to reflect on my performance and strategy, allowing me to return to the game with a refreshed mind and adjusted tactics.

Failing to Set a Winning Limit:

  • Know When to Stop: Just as I set a loss limit, the importance of setting a winning limit is so crucial. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement and continue playing, which can lead to losing everything you've won.

  • Stick to Your Plan: Now, once I hit my predetermined winning target, I stop playing for the day. This discipline has helped me enjoy my winnings and avoid the disappointment of potential losses.

Getting Distracted During Gameplay:

  • Focus is Key: I found that playing Aviator while distracted significantly impacted my performance. Maintaining full attention on the game is crucial for making sound decisions.

  • Full Attention: To ensure the best outcomes, I now avoid multitasking and ensure my gaming environment is free from distractions. I cannot emphasize more how important this is.

Ignoring the Community and Social Aspects:

  • Learn from the Community: Initially, I played Aviator in isolation. However, engaging with other players and the community has provided valuable insights and different perspectives on the game. I watched certain YouTubers and live streams to become a successful pilot in Aviator.

  • Share and Gain Insights: Sharing experiences and strategies with others has enriched my gameplay, offering new ideas and approaches I had not considered before. This is what I hope to achieve by writing this, for you to learn from these mistakes and to become a better pilot.

Betting Without Understanding Risk Tolerance:

  • Know Your Limits: I learned to assess my own risk tolerance and bet within those limits. This personal risk management approach has helped me avoid stressful situations and enjoy the game more.

  • Personal Risk Management: Understanding the level of risk I am comfortable with allows me to make bets that don't cause significant distress, regardless of the outcome.

Neglecting Personal Well-being for the Game:

  • Health Comes First: I realized that sacrificing essential aspects of my life, like sleep or meals, for the game wasn't worth it. I was so addicted, did so much research on the game. Prioritizing my health and well-being has made my gaming experience more enjoyable and sustainable.

  • Maintain Balance: By ensuring that gaming remains a fun part of a balanced lifestyle, I've been able to enjoy Aviator without it negatively impacting other areas of my life.

Now for the Big Question: Is There a Predictor App or Software for Aviator?

  • The Hard Truth: If you're hunting for a predictor app or software for Aviator, I've got news for you – it doesn't exist. I've been down that road, spending cash on several apps, testing them out, and guess what? All scams. No app can predict Aviator's outcomes, and here's why:

  • Randomness Reigns Supreme: Aviator's all about a plane that randomly climbs and crashes. There's no pattern, no predictability. It's a game of chance at its core, and no software can outsmart that randomness.

  • My Journey with Scam Apps: I've been there, buying into these apps' big promises. I thought they'd give me an edge, but all they did was burn a hole in my pocket. They claim to predict when the plane will crash, but their guesses are as good as flipping a coin.

  • The Lure of False Hopes: These apps sell you a dream – the dream of easy wins and surefire strategies. They're persuasive, I'll give them that. But it's all smoke and mirrors. Realizing this was a tough pill to swallow, but it's the truth. And I hope you can learn from this.

  • Playing Smart: Instead of chasing fantasies, focus on the real game. Observe how the pros play. Some cash out early, some wait it out when to bet. I started mirroring a pro player's moves, cashing out when they did. It wasn't foolproof, but it shifted my approach from wishful thinking to strategic playing.


Having been addicted to this game when I found it, I constantly took time to study certain patterns, trying to predict things. Being strong in mathematics and chess, I thought I could create a formula, leading to sleepless nights and skipped meals as I tried to figure it out. It took me a few months to get out of that hole. Thankfully, I started applying my mathematics and chess mind to a different angle by strategically betting and cashing out, using my math to decide how much to bet and my chess skills to predict when the plane would probably crash. Being a few moves ahead was always good in chess. Playing Aviator by Spribe is an adventure that's taught me a lot about strategy, patience, and making smart decisions. By learning from my own mistakes and avoiding these common pitfalls, my experience with the game has greatly improved. In the world of Aviator, staying level-headed and having a well-planned strategy are key. So here's to flying high with wisdom and style. Remember, a cool head and a thoughtful plan are your best allies in this exciting game. Happy flying, and may your gaming improve to new heights!

Warren Galant is an experienced Aviator player and strategist part of Aviator24's team, combining his love for the game with a solid background in mathematics and chess. His journey in the world of Spribe's Aviator began as a hobby, but quickly evolved into a passion, blending his analytical skills with the unpredictability of the game. After years of studying patterns and refining his betting strategies, Warren has gathered a treasure trove of insights into the game's nuances. His transition from an Aviator player to a guide for others reflects his desire for continuous learning and sharing knowledge in new and exciting domains.